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Peter Van Gestel

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'Villeroux' was a stopping point along line 163, near Bastogne. During the sixties of the last century, it was the highest station in the SNCB network. It is this that inspired Peter to make this snow-covered diorama, which will be integrated into a 'permanent' layout and which will be completed during the Expo by a fiddle-yard to obtain interesting rail traffic. Despite its small dimensions (110 cm wide and 25 cm deep), this diorama exhales a beautiful atmosphere. Villeroux was a small rural stop, which this diorama shows well. Apart from a buoy for travelers and a bridge over the road, only a snowy Ardennes hill is visible on this diorama. This mini-layout will be presented for the first time in public. It should be noted that Peter won the prestigious Dirk Melkebeek Trophy, crowning the finest miniature railway of the Expo in 2016, with 'Hamsart'.


Photos: Peter Van Gestel


Video Dirk Achtien

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